There are Millions of iPhone, iPad, and Android Apps Your
Niche Doesn’t Know About or How To Use!
Profit From Finding & Teaching Those Apps To Your Community.

Personally I have made over 6 figures in last 3 years doing this model, and now I spill the beans on how I do it!

Create App TutorialsHere’s what’s included in the Create App Tutorials videos:

  1. The App Training Mindset, how I discovered to teach apps and build an online business doing it for my niche
  2. How to be creative when finding apps to teach, apps that are not obvious can be a huge benefit to your niche
  3. The app stores on Apple and Android are search engines, how to search your keywords to find apps
  4. How I plan my tutorials long before I record them, making a syllabus for your students
  5. What is Reflector app and how it changed everything this year!
  6. How to find and use a great microphone for great audio…very important to make awesome trainings and more!
  7. What is Camstudio and how your can make video tutorials absolutely free
  8. What is Camtasia and why you should own and use it as soon as you can for making video tutorials
  9. Popular options to sell your content as a membership site and where they are found
  10. How to share your tutorials on social media to build authority, traffic and get more customers
  11. Podcasting your tutorials is way to build an audience to buy more from you
  12. A review of how I sell my tutorials, the tools I use to sell my tutorials, and wrap up for the next steps

Learn the Membership Mindset and Step by Step How Quickly Make Membership Sites, Just Like This ONE!

  1. Case study of my successful Online Legal Music Membership test.
  2. How to choose what to teach or sell
  3. Residual income – the reason you want a membership site
  4. Why JVzoo & its affiliates are revolutionary for marketing membership sites
  5. How to recruit affiliates the way I do
  6. How to promote with webinars or hangout
  7. How to buy traffic from Google, Facebook or YouTube
  8. The resource to create automated webinar replays in WordPress

WordPress How to..

  1. Get a domain and CPANEL Hosting
  2. Setup WordPress and Get a Theme
  3. Header design options
  4. Setup your sales page
  5. Wishlist Plugin setup and Video Plugins
  6. Setting level templates for one time or sequential level memberships
  7. Setup JVzoo payment option options
  8. Use other plugins – Page Link Manager, Limited Logins, Flowplayer,
  9. Making JV page to recruit affiliates

Watch Hal Coleman of Pest Control Marketer has to say about WordPress Membership Site and his business!


This is a FIRST! Hal even gave me permission that you can call him at 770-993-0004
and ask what he thinks yourself. Call him, he’s a great guy to know!

Create App Tutorials

No Risk 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30DAYThanks and to your success,
Mike Stewart